Dinh Duy Hung

Hello! My name is Dinh Duy Hung. I am attending the Master in International Economics at Faculty of Economics Science, University of Warsaw during the academic year 2013-2015. My bachelor specialized in the same major at University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. 

After 1.5 years staying in Warsaw, I would like to say that coming to Poland is one of the most important decision in my life. Back to student life after approximately 2 years of working in Vietnam, it encouraged me to have a deeper view about both academic and business environments. Therefore, I can find appropriate ways to apply what I learnt at the university to the real life as well as my future career. 

Throughout the first year, you will face a heavy curriculum with many core courses including both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics issues. It is assumed that you already had basic knowledge about economics in terms of technical terms and statistic and mathematical skills. But you do not need to worry so much, you can ask for help from your classmates and professors. It is also the first way to gradually get familiar with the new environment. Besides, the program also arranges office hours and tutorials in order to assist you in case you have any problems during the lectures. 

Namely, the International Economics program is entirely conducted in English. You are required to gain a solid statistic and mathematical skills during both lectures and laboratories. You will have advanced knowledge in using many programs like Eview, Stata and SPSS. Also, you will get used to research papers and activities. The course is designed to further education pursuit such as Ph.D, and Post-doc.  If you are a business-and-management-oriented student, you can choose up to 2 favorite courses free of charge in English courses offered by the faculty during your 2 years. Otherwise, you can register for elective courses in the second year as indicated in the curriculum. It is advised to consult the faculty?s coordinators; they are really helpful to assist you. Last but not least, the program gives you chance to earn Double Degree in the second year in Belgium, Vienna or Hungary. 

Regarding the facilities, you are able to enjoy the high-standard classes and other equipments, especially you can access the University of Warsaw Main Library till 5 AM at the examination period. It is said to be one of the most modern and stunning libraries in Europe. 

Besides academic activities, it is the time to obtain social and cultural experience. The Economics of Science Faculty particularly and University of Warsaw generally are truly an international environment. Warsaw has an advantageous location as a heart of Europe. You have opportunities to communicate with students all around the world through many exchange programs every semesters like Erasmus, Visiting or Internship. Being more open and attending events organized by the university will fertilize your mentality and your spiritual life; thanks to that you can learn many valuable soft skills which is really useful for your personal development. One thing worth mentioning here it is always easier and more comfortable if you can overcome the language barriers. Fortunately, you are able to participate Polish courses at the university free of charge. After gradually adapting to the new friends and friendly Polish people, you will find yourself as a part of Polish life and more social activities are waiting for you. 

I want to devote last words to the Imaginarius Foundation,  they already gave me a chance to make the important milestone in my life. The Foundation and its president ? Ph.D Piotr Balcerowski ? have supported me almost of time. It is always on time when you need to ask for any formal documents and you will find yourself as a family member of the foundation- they are willing to assist you if you get any problems in Poland. You will certainly fall in love with Poland.

Hope to see you soon in Warsaw! 

P/S: If you have any questions, feel free to write me at dinhduyhung90@gmail.com

Other Testimonials

Almost two years ago, I faced a dilemma when I was offered two full master scholarships. The first one was from the Korean Government (KGPS scholarship) and the second one was from the Imaginarious Organization in Poland. I then decided to go to Poland. Now, I can absolutely say that I made the right decision. It is my honor to share with you some brief thoughts of studying here.

I first came to Poland almost 2 years ago under the scholarship of Imaginarius Foundation to study at the University of Warsaw. Until now, I could say that studying here in Poland is one of the most important milestones in my life. I can not only enjoy a new life in a foreign country, get exposure to excellent academic environment, but also have a great opportunity to make new friends and open my eyes to a wider world. Regarding the study program at the University of Warsaw, I would like to have few words for students who wish to apply for the Master Program in Quantitative Finance.

I always believe that studying in Poland is one of the most wonderful decisions I have ever made. With well- designed curriculum and excellent education quality, our Master of Quantitative Finance has been recognized by EduUniversal Top 100 in Financial Market ranking as the 20th. It provides to students not only theoretical knowledge from the field of quantitative finance but also its practical applications in financial institutions which update the modern trends of financial world. If financial industry, especially investment is your desired career, this program should be your chosen destination.

My name is Khiem and in Jan 2015, I gained a Double Master's Degree in International Economics and European Economic Policy in a join research master's program between the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw (UW) and the Economic School of Louvain, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. In this short testimonial, I am going to share with you experience of my wonderful time taking part in this program in terms of academic aspects and social life. 

My name is Hiep,  2015-2017 Imaginarius scholarship holder .I finished my Master of Quantitative Finance at Faculty of Economic Science, University of Warsaw in 2007. Until now,  I feel very lucky and very greatful for the support of the scholarship. It has given me a wonderful experience in many senses.

Cześć!! Jestem Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh. Time is not counted by the number of days but the way you spend it. Two years in Poland is indeed a memorable part of my life. I still remember clearly how shy I was during the Orientation day, how absurd the term “programming” firstly appeared in my mind, to appreciate more the value that Imaginarius Foundation scholarship brought to me

I am Huyen Le. I graduated with the bachelor in Banking and International Finance before coming to Poland. I was granted with the Imaginarius Scholarship to study Quantitative Finance at University of Warsaw in two years and I am sincerely grateful for that. I hope that my testimonial here will help you to understand more about the scholarship, the country and also the education that you can receive if you choose Poland.

Hi, this is me, Giang. I just graduated from my master program in International Economics in University of Warsaw, Poland. My two-year study and stay in Poland was sponsored by Imaginarius Foundation. More than two years ago, before I decided to come to Poland for this study, I was a business advisor in a Japansese firm in Hanoi. I worked in business field and my job involved dealing with corporate accounting and tax issues. For a fresh bachelor graduate, I think that’s a safe choice. And I might have continued with this, set my career path in business consulting and stayed within the comfort zone.

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